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I'm a Total Health & Wellness Empowerment Master Coach who helps individuals living with Epilepsy or Seizures, their family, and significant others effectively and positively adjust to life changes brought by seizures/epilepsy. The onset of seizures can bring with it unimaginable fear, hopelessness, confusion, worry, the desire to overprotect our loved ones.  These effects can lead to many restrictions for our loved ones living with epilepsy and in parents feelings of self-blame.  It can also be hard to adjust to impacts brought by medication, changes in behavior, and significant effects on siblings, relationships, school, career, health, and wellbeing.   Our Total Health Empowerment Coaching provides practical strategies, tried and tested options


and support to help individuals/family take control of seizures,  live their best possible life starting from today, and live up to what God called them to be.

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Your condition does not define you.  You define your life and whom you want to be. No matter your perception of Epilepsy today, you have the power to close the gap between where you are today and where you want to be.  As a Total Health Empowerment Coach, I can help you create practical strategies and habits that give you varied choices/options to take control of your seizures and, unlock your PERSONAL POWER so you can achieve optimal wellness and well being. Sign up for a free breakthrough session today!
How satisfied are you with your ability to cope with seizures/ or ability to provide care for a loved one with seizures?  We can help you identify what is holding you back.  You can break through your limitations.  We create personalized coaching to target your individual needs for you and your family/support system.
How do you rate your overall stress level, peace of mind, and emotional stability?  Do you feel overwhelmed, are you leaning towards unhealthy habits, are you having trouble in your relationships, do you feel lonely, do you feel anxious?  What is the gap between where you are today and where you want to be?  Relaxation training will help you gain control and reduce the frequency of seizures.
Epilepsy diagnosis impacts the whole family.  Lack of strategies and tools to positively adjust to the changes brought by the onset of seizures can quickly turn your life and family upside down.  This program is designed to help parents and siblings get a better understanding of epilepsy/seizures.  How it impacts the individual living with epilepsy, their parents, siblings, and way of life?  The impacts on siblings as attention shifts to the individual living with epilepsy and how to adjust to added responsibilities.  To learn more about this program, sign up for a free breakthrough session.
Do you want to transform your health, wellness, and energy legacy?  Nourishment is much more than food.  Your body has innate wisdom, beyond any book or authority and knows what it wants.  Learn about how what we eat interplays with how our body, mind, soul, and brain responds. Learn how to achieve optimal health for your brain. Learn how to listen to your body and clearly understand what your body needs for nourishment beyond food.
Desire is not selfish. It's wise.  It is a compass pointing us in the direction of our life purpose.  Are you tired of feeling STUCK?  Are you ready to take empowered actions to determine your calling and to find that which is  Greater?  Get coaching to unleash your powerhouse.

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