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My Story


Happiness Halim is an Epilepsy Wellness and Empowerment Master Coach and Epilepsy Advocate.


"A  young man asked me why I choose Epilepsy Wellness and Empowerment Coaching.  How could I not, I thought?  I truly believe every one of us was created for greatness.  Along the way we encounter roadblocks, but they should never be show stoppers for living out our purpose.  Having a loved one living with epilepsy allowed me to realize this 1st hand.  The experience taught me nothing in this lifetime can stop us from achieving what God called us to be.   Watching my family live intentionally and purposefully fills my cup.  As a family, we came a long way to be here.


About five years ago, a loved one was diagnosed with epilepsy.  The onset of epilepsy in my family turned our life upside down.  Fear swept through, worry, anxiety, not knowing what to do or expect, the emergency room was for emergencies and nothing in terms of a long-term solution.  The internet did not have a lot to offer either.  The answer was a long way out of reach. Some of you may be right here.  You are not alone.


When I look back to the very beginning of the diagnosis, the impact was not just on them but the whole family including extended family. Our family did the best thing we knew how.  Pray and fast.   Finding the right neurologist was not easy, but when we did things began to look up.  Finally, we realized there was light at the end of the tunnel.   The neurologist helped us with options on what we could do to control the seizures.   That did help the seizures, but my family was a long way in adjusting or healing emotionally from the immediate impact of the onset and day to day breakthroughs. 


I soon realized all the coaching I had poured out over the years on individuals working hard to lose their weight was now due for my family.  I took a step back to create a coaching plan to meet the needs of each member of my family.  This truly transformed me, my husband, and my children.    As I coached each family member without them, even knowing there were being coached, change began to happen. I saw unimaginable fear, anxiety, hopelessness, confusion, worry, the desire to overprotect and limit what my son could do, the anger stemming from the doubt being transformed into power and fuel to help him live out his purpose and be what God called him to be.  I saw joy, peace, open conversations about what seizures are and what we can do as a family begin to sweep through my family.  I began to see my daughters display courage during an episode instead of running out of the room and being afraid for a day or two.  I saw a family that was paralyzed with fear began to live and enjoy life again.  I saw my husband and I partnering to come up with strategies to ensure we were not living out the girls but also making them a priority and spending quality time with them.   I also saw an increase in faith and the time we spent in God’s presence.  His word became our rock and fortress and source of peace and light.  We became more open to sharing his diagnosis with our close family members and close friends until we got to a place where we shared openly with others.


This was also a turning point in my coaching ministry.   Just coaching on weight loss  and marriages was not enough.  The transformation I saw in my family was enough for me to see what I was called to be.   Coaching individuals and families with a loved one living with epilepsy is my passion, and seeing families see the light at the end of the tunnel through it all is what drives my family and l each day.  Through the years, I have coached multiple individuals and families, and it has been a joy to see each family positively adjust to the changes brought by seizures and live out their calling. "


Our complimentary 1-hour Total Transformation Breakthrough Discovery Session helps you;

  1. Uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having the health or living the life you want

  2. Develop a powerful vision for your total transformation and what it will mean for you, for your health, your life and loved ones

  3. Discover which foods and lifestyle habits are bringing your body down and what to do about it

  4. Get crystal clear on a step by step plan to create a Total Transformation in 90 days or less


Total Transformation starts with you.  1st step is to understand the gap between where you are today and where you want to be.  Get coaching for results.  Get started today! 



Jason P.  Newyork.

Verified Customer

The fear of not knowing what to do, not having someone who can understand and actually hear you because they have been there and they pulled through it.  This is how I felt before meeting Master Coach Happiness or Mrs H.  She takes the time to listen, she  is an individual who builds you up and helps you come up with repeatable options  to take control of seizures.  She helped me with the right food choices, relaxations methods  and now I can say I have my life back.  All I can say is  no matter were you are on seizure management  for you and for your care givers she is the one you need.  

Kenya Laos, Glasgow Scotland

Amazing is all I can.  As a parent with a child dealing with epilepsy  and not knowing what  to do or where to start.  She did a phenomenal job help both my husband and I to be the best care  givers to our child.  She equipped us with the tools needed, what to do and not to do duing seizures, how to let out child live her life, at on set I can say we had became control freaks because the is the only way we though we could protect her.  She helped us see how our behavior impacted our kid and how helpless it made her feel.  This improved our relationship with our daughter and also helped us relax and live again.  Mrs H has a big heart.  She know s how to bring the best out of each person

Molly D, Dallas Texas

Verified Client

Food was my trigger.  Mrs. H does not believe in one diet fits all.  Her moto is your body has innate wisdom to tell you what is likes or does not like.  She helped me understand how what  I ate impacted no just my body but emotional wellbeing.  I have great respect for her and I can say she brought out the best in me and helped me begin to live and enjoy life again

Arnold Parks, Dallas Texas

Verified Client

She helped me find my self again  and gave me the  coaching that saved my marriage.  Helped me  identify how to identify my triggers and how  to handle each in a healthy way instead of using anger towards my loved ones as my go to .  Thank you for helping me become the best husband and dad to my kids

She helped me lose 50 pounds, get my blood sugar down.  Helped me realize weight loss was not just about the food, but about the whole person(body, mind, soul).  If these three are not in balance it does not matter many diets you go through.  You will continue to lose it and gain the same amount of weight or more in 6 months.  I am off sugar, fried food, soda and enjoying my new love for vegetable and herb gardening as a means of exercise and mind well being.  I can see the difference in my body.  Loads of energy, off insulin and still losing weight.

Betty Rusco Virginia

Inspirational is all I can say.  She does not take over your life but she is there to remove road blocks along the path, give you tools to live your best life now.  Help me believe in my self again  Helped me realize there were no short cuts or quick fixes but creating the right habits over time would pay off big.  

Jeremiah A.  Australia

All she asked for each week was for me to be present in each coaching session.  Her relaxation techniques are out of this world.  She empowered me to self identify my areas of opportunity, solutions and how I would make it happened.  She gave me the motivation and the push I needed to make it happen.  She asks your permission to be your cheerleader and accountability partner and knows when to give you that extra push.

Shelly Mac, South Beach

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