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Dare to Connect and Make a Difference for yourself and others. You where created for Greatness and your story will change man kind.  How you pursue your vision and calling to that which is greater will change the world around you.  Your legacy will be unmatched because there is only one of you in this world.


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Story for the BLOG

If you would like to submit your story to be shared with others through all our available channels and for a chance of a 20% discount on your coaching fees if you win or 10% discount for sharing your story with others complete the form below.  Use the message section to tell your story.

Where can I get more information

The Epilepsy Foundation website has wealth of information on Epilepsy / Seizures.  It is a good resources to understand and learn about;


  • What is Epilepsy/Seizures?

  • Types of Seizures

  • Managing Seizures

  • First Aid for Seizures

  • How to prepare for Health Care Visit

  • Self Management tools for all ages including caregivers.

Visit the below website for more information


Seizure Tests/Treatment 

  • To learn more about your treatment options and tests you may go through click here


Seizure Medicines/Reviews

  • To learn more about seizure medicines and also see reviews from other users click here to read more 


EMBRACE 2 Seizure Detection Technology

  • To learn more about Embrace 2 and how it helps you detect seizures and alert caregivers Click Here to  read more


Seizure Diary

  • Seizure Empowerment  Tracker - Free Download

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